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“What are the 8 Qualities of an Effective Coach”

Recently I came a across this title about coaching – “What are the 8 Qualities of an Effective Coach”.

I thought the 8 qualities mentioned were great and decided to add in some of my thoughts for each quality.

Here they are:

1. Positive I truly believe learning in a positive environment will go way further for both student and coach, both in and out of the show pen.

2. Enthusiastic When I think of this quality I remind myself that it’s not only the student’s excitement when learning or doing something well it is yours too!

3. Supportive Being supportive through the journey of coaching whether it’s during a lesson or as small as a quick text asking for advice. Always willing to lend a helping hand!

4. Trusting I love this quality! As coaches we will say “Trust me, it will work”. Always having the best interest for our student to bring out the best in their confidence.

5. Focused A great quality to have as sometimes we can get lost in the process of coaching (jumping from subject to subject) which will have an impact on a student with no sense of clear direction.

6. Goal-oriented A major important quality! No matter how big or small of a goal we still need to have one!

7. Observant Taking note of the big picture as well as the small things can certainly have a great improvement in coaching ability.

8. Respectful This quality I think is a brilliant one. Always respect your student in their comfort level of learning. Not everyone learns the same way and always recognize their abilities in doing so.

I thought clarity or clear communication should also be mentioned. Nothing more frustrating to a student if they don’t understand how or why they are doing something.

All great qualities and I know in and out of the horse industry we have a lot of great effective coaches out there!

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